Northcross Group

Northcross Group (NCG) is a cybersecurity and integration firm with a proven track record over 15 years helping organizations building compliant cybersecurity programs and capabilities.  Our Team is comprised of experts with a combination of Federal experience in the Defense and Civilian sectors, along with commercial expertise in manufacturing, banking, healthcare, and transportation.

NCG helps organizations wrap their arms around the entire scope of their cybersecurity needs—from the technical aspects, to people, managing risks, making prudent business decisions, and maintaining compliance.  From this informed position, we help manage and deliver on established priorities and being the process of operationalization and institutionalization across the organization.

We ensure our clients understand their starting point and have a plan to target resources and investments appropriately.  We provide cybersecurity, technical, and compliance expertise, along with management and delivery capabilities as needed to support execution and implementation.

NCG is experienced with DoD contracting constructs as well as other Federal requirements and guidelines including HIPAA, NIST, and FISMA.  We also have a deep appreciation for maintaining a business value focus and ensuring a balanced return on investment approach.  We employ an iterative delivery approach to that allows us to throttle efforts up or down as needed to implement sustainable programs that grow and evolve with our clients.