Norwich University Applied Research Institutes

Overview – What We Do

The Norwich University Applied Research Institutes are comprised of SME’s and academic scholars all working towards the goal of serving the national public interest through interdisciplinary study of critical national security issues resulting in the rapid deployment of strategies and technologies.


NUARI provides cyber exercises, secure network monitoring, custom consulting, research, and education. We do this through our DECIDE exercises, the Security Situation Center, technology development and deployment, research deliverables, and in-person and online workforce training. See our Services page for more information.


Learning Technologies Research Institute

Aggressively explores new approaches to delivering cyber education and content using simulations, interactive games, and case studies.


Cyber Conflict
Research Institute

Conducts applied research and actionable exercises with the end goal of assuring U.S. critical infrastructure and resilience in the event of cyber-attacks.


Defense Technologies
Research Institute

Executes research and development activities resulting in rapid prototyping and fielding of man-portable technologies that expand warfighter capabilities.