Ntiva, Inc.

Ntiva was officially founded in 2004 by CEO Steven Freidkin with only a handful of technicians. Over the years, we've grown both organically and through acquisition to well over 250 people across multiple states.

We empower thousands of clients to grow their businesses based on the effective use of technology. Almost every single business today is completely reliant on IT services - when their network is down, their computer freezes or their applications crash, productivity grinds to a halt!

Every business needs what we do, but choosing the right Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a challenge. It's difficult to always keep every single client happy, but to combat this we're on a never-ending course of continual improvement.

That's why our focus today remains on the three core values that Ntiva was founded on and that matter most to our clients - Response, Accuracy and Care.

We also pride ourselves on our transparent pricing model which is based on a flat rate monthly fee for unlimited remote services. No matter where you are or how big or small your problem is, you'll have immediate access to our expert service desk that is staffed 7x24x365.

Very few of the more than 25,000 MSPs across the U.S. have what it takes to meet the needs of today’s growing businesses, as technology becomes more complex and cybersecurity issues to continue to grow. We have the in-house expertise to cover even the most demanding security needs!

Ntiva now ranks in the top 30 MSPs across the nation with the breadth and depth to service our clients based on real-world expertise - gained by solving problems for thousands of businesses just like you.