Phy-Cy.X Security Group, LLC

Veteran Owned and Operated!

Phy-Cy.X Security Group was founded with a primary focus on Information Security achieved through both the physical and cyber security domains. Cybersecurity is a hot buzz word; however, Phy-Cy.X understands, cyber is only one piece of the overall security posture your organization needs to implement to achieve the best position to keep your most sensitive information, safe and secure. By employing effective and efficient, physical and cyber security measures, you can be sure that a solid defense in depth approach has been implemented.

The team at Phy-Cy.X has an abundance of unique experience and certifications in both physical and cyber security domains within the DOD and civilian sectors. Through this expansive knowledge, experience and capability; Phy-Cy.X is unsurpassed to assist your organization in developing the best tailored security posture at the most cost effective approach.

Offerings & Services include:

  • Compliance
  • Consulting
  • vCISO
  • Program Development & Management
  • Security Assessments

Contact us today to see what we can do for you in regard to your CMMC Compliance and overall information security posture!