Pinnacle Network Solutions

Pinnacle Solutions ( is a Registered Provider Organization (RPO) with Registered Practitioners (RP) ready to work with you.

We partner with DoD contractors and sub-contractors to prepare for the CMMC requirement at the respective maturity level. The CMMC requirement is new territory for many businesses. Our approach is to work with businesses to achieve a zero-risk culture by providing sustainable and affordable cybersecurity solutions. As a Defense Industry Base (DIB) business, you want to continue to sell your products and services to DoD and that means, being compliant according to the CMMC. 

Let us support that goal by working with you to baseline your cybersecurity posture, develop a plan to improve, and support the execution of the plan. At Pinnacle Solutions, we offer:

  • A strategy that aligns with business goals and budget capacity;
  • Credentialed knowledge of CMMC requirements—domains, practices, and processes;
  • Pre-assessment Readiness Review with a comprehensive report of strengths and areas of improvements; opportunities and gaps to be addressed by domains, practices, and processes;
  • Alignment of CMMC with DFARS 252.204.7012 and NIST 800-171
  • Cybersecurity policy development;
  • Related industry/regulatory compliance; and
  • Network security awareness education and training.

 Our first-class services are focused on empowering our clients to sustain practical solutions and support the path towards a more secure future. We want you to have a Cybersecurity Peace of Mind and get on with your business.  

 Our Solutions are different because we are different:  

  • We approach your solution from a business strategy perspective.
  • We take pride in helping you develop a first-class cybersecurity culture.
  • We help you avoid costly mistakes.
  • We assist you in training your staff.
  • We view Cybersecurity as a Lifestyle™.
  • We emphasize good cybersecurity habits for information systems, the way the auto industry underscores the importance of seat belts to secure passengers.

Contact us today at or via email at for a free 30-minute consultation. We are honored to work with you as you support the U.S. Department of Defense