Precision Business Solutions

Organizations can select from our Security Control Assessment (SCA) package, updated based on current CMMC Practice and Maturity Levels, which entails a full audit of your network environment, resulting in a detailed report of how your network stacks up against the regulations, and our Full Remediation package, which includes everything in the SCA package, additionally, providing support to correct all deficiencies, ensuring your network meets or exceeds the regulations, by the time we leave.

What sets us apart from our competitors is we've taken the time to hire experts, experienced professionals,  Registered Practitioners (RP) (see our list below) and we’re adding more, weekly. Our Cyber Security compliancy experts will work together with you and your team to ensure your organization is scoped, meets the maturity language, and practice documentation you already execute, so you are prepared for your respective CMMC level assessment.


Current CMMC Professionals:

Dr. Kevin Slonka (RP)

Mr. Brian Shrift (RP)