Rashmi Sheel

The success of a program depends on an honest evaluation of its current situation and challenges.

Rashmi Sheel understands, security programs should reflect business goals and objectives as well as risks and opportunities. Her focus is on practical application of technology and policies so as to ensure and satisfy business objectives as well as identify and mitigate any security risks.

Rashmi Sheel is a seasoned IT professional with over 23 years of experience in IT.

Ms. Sheel has a deep understanding of Supply Chains, Logistics, Retail and munfacturing and warehousing industry verticals.

An empowered and well-trained team can make or break an executive.

As a technology consultant, Ms. Sheel excels at helping organizations build talent and increase their thirst for knowledge. Honesty, practicality, and passion are her defining qualities. 

In addition to having over 20 years of experience in Fortune 500 firms, she is an entrepreneur owner of CMIT Solutions of Sugar Land.

Her mission and focus is to inculcate, implement and promote better cyber hygiene in Small and Medium sized businesses.  


• Developing compliance strategies for organizations
• Evaluating security controls to determine and prioritize risk status
• Mentoring client staff on compliance standards
• Risk management frameworks
• Conducting compliance audits

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