Reveal Risk, Inc.

Reveal Risk is a full-service cybersecurity consulting firm. We are lean and agile with a deep breadth of experience to swiftly and cost-efficiently help you solve your cybersecurity challenges while enabling business innovation.

The services we provide reflect our years of cybersecurity, privacy and risk management experience as corporate leaders, practitioners, and military service members. Reveal Risk can be your partner at any stage to help you achieve real risk reduction while enabling business agility and innovation.

Available services:

  • Risk & threat analysis: We use a proven method to help you understand and evaluate risk so you can focus your efforts and prioritize your resources.
  • Program maturity assessment: We will provide a robust evaluation of your program strengths and opportunities using our depth of experience and knowledge of industry frameworks (like NIST CSF and ISO 27001). We will turn gaps into opportunities and help you develop an achievable roadmap towards the right maturity goals.
  • Penetration testing and adversary simulation: We conduct penetration tests to check for system vulnerabilities and adversarial simulations (aka Red Team) to test the effectiveness and responsiveness of your incident response teams, controls and processes.
  • Compliance readiness: We assess information security programs and processes to prepare for many industry frameworks.
  • M&A cyber due diligence: Mergers and acquisitions are high-risk business activities that tend to happen very rapidly. Our experts can support you from the earliest stages of due diligence all the way through successful integration.
  • Security tool assessment: We work with you to align your technology portfolio with business risk to ensure you receive the value you’re paying for.

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