Robert Joseph

Robert, at Step Ahead, has taken CMMC readiness to a whole new level. Try out his innovative CMMC readiness learning as the first step in CMMC-ML1 and CMMC-ML3 assessment journey. His 2 step approach towards your CMMC capability is as follows:

- Gain a firm understanding of CMMC Framework, CMMC-ML1 model, domains, requirements for the contractor, and level of effort a contracting firm needs to be prepared for an assessment.

- The second part of his readiness training is the engagement of RP. The RP will engage with the contractor and will help build the required documents, policies, guidelines, templates, workflows, processess, and recommend and implement technology solutions to ensure the required practices for the levels are enforced.

Step Ahead enables a holistic Integrated Security by helping the organization build an Adaptive Cybersecurity Ecosystem through CMMC / NIST CSF, Cybesecurity Synchronized Secuirty Tools and Cybersecurity Awareness Training program all delivered as a 12 month subscription model to elevate cyber hygiene. 

We strongly believe that cybersecurity is not a one time activity. It is not an expense for an organization, rather it is a culture that needs to be groomed and an investment that the senior manangement may commit to in order to be cyber secure.

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