Many DoD contractors are concerned about meeting the new CMMC requirements.  We’ve designed proven systems to help DoD contractors obtain the appropriate compliance level so they can continue to grow their DoD relationships and profits.


Our CMMC Solutions include gap assessments, consulting, self-managed solutions and CMMC-compliant managed IT and security services.  For enterprises that have an internal IT team, we are able to supplement their efforts with specialized CMMC solutions.  For enterprises with no internal IT staff, we are able to manage the entire CMMC process.  Our solutions support the Interim Rule and CMMC levels 1 to 3.


Our objective is to make the CMMC process as easy as possible so our government contractor clients can continue to focus on their business.


We provide a clear and transparent pricing model for CMMC services.  Our managed services are based on a flat-rate monthly fee for unlimited remote services.  Consulting is based on a pre-determined hourly rate and our self-managed solutions are designed to offer incredible value at a low monthly fee.


With over 40 years of combined technology security and compliance experience and state-of-the-art compliance technology, rest assured that SimplifIT provides the best options to help small and medium-sized enterprises meet current and future CMMC compliance requirements.


​The SimplifIT approach has been well refined.  Our leadership is experienced and technologically current. Our team has managed multi-million-dollar technology budgets while earning national recognition for IT leadership and employee engagement. 


Because information security is our specialty, our broad experience, and deep expertise allows SimplifIT to complete more focused analysis with great depth. The result is that our clients receive tremendous value, and in turn, provide a greater value to their clients.