SimSpace Corporation

The CMMC assessment process can feel intimidating, and choosing someone to conduct your assessment is just one of the decisions you must make along the way. So we want to help make that choice easier for you. 

As you consider your assessment options, here are the things you should be looking for: 

  1. Someone who knows what they’re doing
    Every C3PAO has been vetted, so you can assume they understand CMMC and the requirements your company must meet at a particular level of maturity. But not everyone lives cybersecurity day to day. To get the most out of your assessment, look for a C3PAO that understands how CMMC works within the broader cybersecurity context.
  2. Someone who speaks your language
    There are terms introduced through CMMC that may be new to you or that refer to familiar cybersecurity concepts in new ways. Your assessor should be able to explain the CMMC requirements in simple terms and help you understand how this new terminology aligns with existing cybersecurity frameworks and best practices.
  3. Someone who can set you on the right path.
    While C3PAOs are not allowed to help you remediate any issues uncovered during your assessment, that doesn’t mean they can’t point out ways to improve. Choose a Certified Assessor that understands network security from the ground up, so they can provide you with trusted insight and basic recommendations about where to start. 

As a cybersecurity risk assessment partner for top financial institutions and the Department of Defense, SimSpace knows what it takes to be secure. We are applying that deep expertise to our role as a C3PAO to help organizations understand how they measure up and where they may need to improve. Together, we can help you make the most of your CMMC assessment to become a cyber secure (and cyber mature) organization. Visit to learn more.