SixGen, Inc.

SIXGEN provides world-class teams of cyber operators to counter global threats in support of our Nation’s intelligence community, as well as government, commercial and high-net worth clients. We respond to emerging and ongoing threats by deploying industry-leading experts to assess, develop, and implement innovative techniques and technologies to overcome adversaries. We are a defense contractor serving our Nation with advanced cybersecurity products and services. Just like any defense contractor, we want to make the compliance process as simple and easy as possible so that you can get back to your true mission--serving your customers.

As an RPO with RPs in the CMMC ecosystem, SIXGEN can provide advice, consulting, and recommendations to clients seeking CMMC certification.  In this role, SIXGEN consultants provide implementation guidance and can implement the controls required to harden customer networks and gain cybersecurity maturity at any level. SIXGEN uses a combination of products, services, and automation to fast-track your journey in meeting compliance goals while mapping the majority of technical security controls on day one.

SIXGEN is the developer of SEA Level. SEA Level is lightweight software that installs on endpoints to enable on premise centralized logging and alerting. SEA Level gathers intelligence about each endpoint and sends that information back to your risk detection platform, giving you the ability to monitor, detect, and resolve threats and vulnerabilities across your network from wherever they originate.

From servers and workstations to mobile devices and IoT sensors, endpoints represent the means for an organization to do business. Because each of the endpoints is an entryway into your network, endpoint security is one of the most important initiatives you can undertake to enhance your cybersecurity posture, comply with regulatory standards, and prepare for a CMMC audit.

Developed for defense contractors to help satisfy CMMC requirements, SEA Level provides scalable device management for any business.