Telos Corporation

The expertise you need to prepare for CMMC compliance.

  • Get ready for CMMC compliance quickly with the leader in DoD standards
  • Assure your government customers that their information is safe with you
  • Keep from losing vital defense contracts
  • Establish and maintain a CUI-specific risk management and compliance program

Organizations that store, process, or transmit DoD federal contract information (FCI) or controlled unclassified information (CUI) are required to comply with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), the new DoD standard for handling FCI and CUI in non-government systems. Only organizations that have achieved the DoD-specified CMMC level designated in defense contracts will be considered for the contract award.

If you are among the 300,000 or more organizations who are seeking CMMC compliance, Telos® Corporation can help. We’re the leading experts in managing risk and ensuring security compliance for federal IT systems and information with more than three decades of experience in the DoD sector.

Telos is a CMMC-AB Registered Provider Organization™ authorized by the CMMC-AB to provide consulting services to government contractors and other companies in preparation for their CMMC assessments. We’ll help you identify the federal information you hold that might qualify as CUI, show you what you need to do to follow and enforce the requirements and practices specified in the CMMC model, and help you prepare for a CMMC assessment by a certified third-party assessor.

CMMC has combined multiple security standards and best practices into three distinct maturity levels that range from foundational (17 requirements) to expert (110+ requirements). We’ll help you take control of the challenge by helping you identify your required CMMC level and then guiding you to meet the applicable requirements and practices.

Telos offers the experience and capabilities you need for CMMC compliance. Using our proven methodologies and CMMC Registered Practitioner (RP) security personnel, Telos can provide the level of support necessary to exceed your requirements, resulting in exceptional results.