Todd Birckner

Todd Birckner is the Director of Process Improvement at Business Transformation Institute. Todd has over 25 years experience supporting Intel, Heathcare and commercial customers in systems engineering, cybersecurity, process engineering, program management and model based process improvement implementation. Todd has 20 years experience leading model based maturity assessments against industry standard maturity models and providing formal training on maturity models and on conducting maturity model based assessments.

BTI is proud to partner with KIS Improvement, a CMMC LTP, to provide CMMC related training. Please visit our website ( for available training classes.

About BTI:

A good process shall:

  1. Deliver the expected results that are right the first time
  2. Minimize non-value-added consumption of time and resources
  3. Be immediately validated as fulfilling the first two conditions

A process is bad when it fails any of these conditions, with decreasing emphasis from (1) down to (3).

BTI is dedicated to the idea of transforming bad processes into good processes.  We are not interested in process for processes’ sake, but in practical success.

BTI’s experienced team of experts helps our customer transform their processes from bad to good using an integrated toolbox of classic process improvement approaches like CMMC, Lean Six Sigma, CMMI, systems engineering, Balanced Scorecard, Agile, and ITIL/ITSM, all powered by process data science.