Vimy Services LLC


Navigate CMMC with a trusted and experienced partner.  

Vimy is a team of experienced cybersecurity and aerospace leaders offering strategic services to leaders in industry and government. Our professionals bring real-world experience and a track record of successfully meeting complex challenges. We have played key management roles and led large system implementations. We bring to your unique problem a spirit of innovation and work collaboratively to achieve defined outcomes.

The following video illustrates the importance of CMMC, and how we can help.



How Can Vimy Help You With CMMC?

We can help you:

  • Understand CMMC requirements in detail.
  • Determine if you need to get certified in 2021.
  • Identify the CMMC level you need to target.
  • Explain what it’s going to take in time & resources for you to get certified.
  • Work with you to quickly identify your security gaps.
  • Develop policies and procedures where required.
  • Help with vendor recommendations and implementations.
  • Co-ordinate pre-assessment readiness to reduce certification cost.
  • Cost effectively set your program up for a successful certification.


Why Vimy?

Partner with a team that brings significant real-world experience helping small businesses through Fortune 50 enterprises with their cybersecurity programs. We collaborate with academics to develop deep subject matter expertise and apply it to reduce your cyber risk and improve your operational resilience. We bring a proven track record of successful execution and consistently demonstrate excellence in client service. We work to earn your trust and collaborate to make innovation benefit you.