Volpe Information Technology Group, Inc

Volpe Information Technology Group, Inc. (VITG) provides information technology (IT) consulting services to commercial and federal government customers. With a core focus on cyber security, VITG delivers next generation IT solutions that remain resilient in today’s dynamic threat environment. Our management team averages 20 plus years of industry service. VITG believes that our proprietary processes, technology and technical discipline along with experienced, highly skilled employees are the driving factor behind client satisfaction and the performance of our portfolios. The typical technical employee is well educated, often with an industry certification, and has experience in systems engineering and project management. VITGs’ services include Secure Software Development, Cyber Security Consulting, and Information Security Program Development and Support. We have established standard operating procedures to support all the work presently required of us and our processes are easily scalable to handle increased demands. Our headquarters in Baltimore, MD is set-up for future growth and as our company grows, we will add new professional employees to help us meet the growing demands of our customers.