Provisional Assessor Opt-in Period

ENDED 17 August 2020 @ Noon EDT

The CMMC-AB is Reviewing the Applications and Will Email the Opt-in Applicants


(C3PAO Details to be Published Soon on CMMCAB.ORG as Available)

The CMMC-AB has been working with the DoD and hundreds of members of the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) to deploy a CMMC assessment ecosystem* that will enhance the security our nation's supply chain.

It’s time to get Assessors into the field and test the process.

The Provisional Program is designed to do just that! We invite your participation.

* Assessments conducted by Provisional Assessors prior to finalization of CMMC-related DFARS rule changes may require additional review before they will be certified by the CMMC-AB.


Provisional Assessors

One-hundred-one (101) qualified Assessor applicants have been selected to be “Provisional Assessors" who will be authorized to conduct assessments during the provisional period.

Provisional Assessors must meet elevated criteria and experience requirements and will be required to provide feedback and retrospective information with the AB following each assessment.

Assessor Selection

Certified Assessor (CA) applicants who meet the qualifications below and wish to participate must opt-in to the Provisional Program. Respondents will be divided into two pools.

Selection from the two pools will occur using a combination of random selection (83%) and best qualified analysis (17%). Analysis of “best qualified” will be based on pre-requisites, domain expertise, AB contribution, and industry experience.

Thirty (30) assessor candidates that have provided a C3PAO affiliation will form the first pool. Independent assessor candidates will form a second pool (30).

In the case where more than sixty assessor applicants opt-in, a random lottery will be used to select provisional candidates.

An additional twelve candidates will be selected by the Accreditation Body.

The Goal
Create a strong and diverse pool of Provisional Assessors to provide the CMMC-AB, the subjects of the pilots and pathfinders and DoD valuable feedback about their experience with the assessment process.



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Provisional Assessors

  • AB board-led training on CMMC using our provisional training materials. The first training is slated for August 31! Training is a 4-day combination of live and self-paced training, followed by an exam.
  • Available to be engaged as part of C3PAO teams to implement mock CMMC Pilots and Pathfinders
  • Available for engagement directly by DIB contractors as participants on C3PAO teams, should the DoD approve our proposal, to conduct preliminary assessments that may be converted to formal assessments when the DFARS and system become finalized
  • Represent provisional qualification through a verifiable logo and listing on the CMMC-AB marketplace
  • The Provisional Program will provide Level 1 assessments initially, and may expand up to Level 3 over time


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Provisional Assessor Minimum Qualifications

  • 10+ years experience conducting evidence-based assessments in cyber or other information technology field including ISO, FedRAMP, CMMI, RMM CERT, DIBCAC or similar.


  • Proven experience as a consultant or leader in Cybersecurity for at least 20 years and qualifying for DOD 8570 IAM Level III certification.


Assessor Prerequisites

  • You must have completed the application process for the Certified Professional
  • Complete the formal AB board-provided Provisional Assessor training
  • Engage with clients through a C3PAO who registers the assessment team for each assessment on the CMMC-AB website
  • Satisfy all of the other requirements for Certified Professionals and Assessors located here


Transition from Provisional Assessor to CMMC-AB Certified Assessor

  • Take CMMC-AB Certified Professional Class within six months of its availability
  • Pass CMMC-AB Certified Professional Exam within six months of its availability
  • Take CMMC-AB Certified Assessor Class within six months of its availability
  • Pass CMMC-AB Certified Assessor Exam within six months of its availability

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Opt-in Now Available for CP/CA Applicants

Provisional Assessor

  • No additional application fees
  • $1000 Provisional Assessor Training fee (due at the time of training registration, for those that are selected to participate in the program)


Provisional Assessor Opt-in Period

ENDED 17 August 2020 @ Noon EDT

The CMMC-AB is Reviewing the Applications and Will Email the Opt-in Applicants

Get In Touch

Please contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns (such as ethical concerns) regarding the CMMC-AB ecosystem. Due to high demand, there may be a delay of several days before our team responds.