• Cybersecurity as a Foundation: Ms. Katie Arrington – CISO(A&S)
  • DoDI 5000.90 Release: Ms. Katie Arrington – CISO(A&S)
  • DoD Acquisition Professional Training: Ms. Stacy Bostjanick – Director, SCRM
  • DIBCAC High Assessments: Mr. Darren King – Director, DIBCAC
  • Posting Self Assessment Results to SPRS:
    • Policy: Lt Col Bryan Lamb – OUSD(A&S)/DPC
    • Process and Procedures: Mr. John Duncan – SPRS Program Office
  • CMMC eMASS Update: Dr. John Choi & Mr. Buddy Dees – CMMC Program Office
  • CMMC Pathfinder / Pilot Update: Ms. Diane Knight – CMMC Program Office



Download a copy of the presentation:

February 2021 CMMC-AB Town Hall Presentation


Download the meeting summary:

February 2021 CMMC-AB Town Hall Summary

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