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Corserva's CMMC Pre-Assessment Consulting Services

Corserva's CMMC consulting services make it easy for you to prepare for CMMC Maturity Level 1 and 2 assessments. We can guide you in self-attestation and prepare you for formal CMMC ML1 or ML2 assessments, greatly reducing your costs and efforts to achieve CMMC certification.

Corserva provides consulting services to identify gaps in security within your organization. Once problems have been identified, we can also perform remediation services to correct security issues and enhance your security posture.

Corserva has created an easy process to enable you to get ready for a CMMC assessment and protect your government contracts.

Get Help with Your Self Assessment

Corserva can help your company self-attest to CMMC. (Level 1 CMMC companies and some Level 2 CMMC companies can self-attest.)

Corserva's services include:

  • Development of formal cybersecurity programs
  • Development of formal policy and process documentation
  • Technical design and configuration services
  • Guidance and validation in self-attestation scoping and objective evidence efforts
  • Assist or provide technical representation for OSCs during Provisional Assessment activities
  • Managed IT services
  • Cloud migration services

Get Ready for Your CMMC Assessment

To prepare you for your CMMC assessment, these are the steps we follow:

  1. Identify the relevant requirements of CMMC you will need to meet.
  2. Perform an "as is" gap analysis of your processes and security controls, identifying areas to be corrected.
  3. Create a list of remediation steps to be taken prior to your certification assessment being performed by a C3PAO.

The end deliverable to you is a clear set of corrective actions to take to get ready for your CMMC assessment.

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Corserva's Guide to Compliance with CMMC

Read Corserva's guide to learn more:

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