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Cybersecurity Compliance Services

Regulatory compliance is often the driver behind a cybersecurity program within an organization. This consists of developing a cybersecurity program that is based on specific controls to protect the integrity, confidentiality, or availability of sensitive data. Cybersecurity compliance can be complicated, not only requiring technical knowledge but also the resources and ability to properly document the activities in the technology environment of an organization. OSIbeyond can help simplify the daunting task of cybersecurity compliance. Our compliance experts specialize in leading industry technical standards such as CMMC, NIST 800-171, NIST Cyber Security Framework, and others.

Risk Assessment

The first step towards cybersecurity compliance with any standard is to conduct a thorough Risk Assessment to analyze how sensitive data is used by your organization and where it is stored. OSIbeyond’s Risk Assessments determine an organization’s security posture relative to the standard they must be in compliance with. A Gap Analysis is conducted to identify the gaps in security, then a System Security Plan (SSP) along with a Plan Of Actions And Millstones (POAM) is developed to determine the path toward full compliance.

Managed Security Services

A Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) is an independent, outside entity who has the resources and expertise to provide continuous monitoring of an organization’s technology environment. This consists of central log aggregation through a Security Information Event Management (SIEM) platform which is in turn monitored by a team of analysts in a Security Operations Center (SOC). An MSSP will be able to detect most threats and respond to incidents rapidly in order to prevent or mitigate a cyber breach.

Continuous Monitoring

The key to an effective cybersecurity operation is having the ability to see what is happening inside the entire technology ecosystem of your organization. Continuous Monitoring will provide the insight to help detect and prevent cyber-attacks. Most organizations do not have the resources or the expertise to continuously monitor their technology environment. Having logging enabled on a firewall is one thing, but analyzing the traffic coming in and out of your organization in real-time is another level of cybersecurity. OSIbeyond’s Continuous Monitoring services provide your organization with comprehensive managed security solutions offered for CMMC Level 2 and NIST 800-171 compliance.

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